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Ankita Srivastava is an international lawyer, and founder of the law firm chain, Gavel Speaks. She is a third generation lawyer who is a humanist at heart with an aim to create a difference in the world. Her grandfather started his journey from the district court in India but she always felt inclined towards discovering the upcoming and diverse sides of law. She started her career with legal writing which was her first part time job in law school, from there like any other law student her father wanted her to become a judicial officer but she was inclined to do more with law, and joined the law office of an AOR at Supreme court of India, where she discovered her potential to work on complex matters and work under high pressure.
She holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Miranda House, University of Delhi, LLB (equivalent of JD from Campus Law Center, University of Delhi), and LLM. She studied International Law at Harvard University, the USA in 2018. She started her career with legal writing and went on to intern at the National Commission for Women while at law school.
She has also aced the teaching exam (UGC NET) in India in 2019 and she is qualified to be a law professor. While working for her firm, she continues to teach and mentor students globally. Currently, she also heads the legal department at one of the USA based companies, Practice Party Inc. In the span of the last six months, she has worked on 50+ international projects including the subjects of commercial contract drafting, conducting negotiations between companies and individuals in different parts of the world, helping clients with Pro Se filings and litigation support in the USA. She has worked with start-ups across USA, Europe, India and Australia. Recently, she is also working with a Dutch Start-up that is working on developing a device to detect women hygiene during different phases of life. She has represented a Dubai firm in Mediation proceedings and turned the case in her client’s favor.
Driven by passion, she takes pride in providing the best legal services to clients across the USA, India, Europe, and UAE, among others. She believes that emotional intelligence is the new way of practicing law.
She has been actively working in support of Mental Health Awareness and participated in various webinars and events to raise her concerns during the pandemic. In addition to her expertise, Ankita has been recognized by the government of India for her extraordinary commitment to the legal profession. She has been given the “Writing for Courage” Award for highlighting socio-legal issues in the country. On International Women's Day in 2021, she was recognised as the Best Legal Expert being among top 100 influential women in India. She has also authored 150+ articles, research papers, and book chapters in the field of law.
She is currently a council member at WICCI India - Italy Business Council to open up conversations around important issues and to help strengthen India - Europe ties and cultural and economic exchange. She is a member of the Supreme Court Bar Association (India) and American Bar Association.


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